Parent & Student Testimonials

Letter from a grateful Dad

I must admit that I was a bit skeptic at first, however Brian’s services have proved to be beyond value. I have one child who is currently a sophomore in college and we are paying approximately $5000 a year for a $35000 a year school. Granted some of that is a result of our child’s hard efforts in high school, but it is very fair to say that at least 50% of the financial scholarships and grants were a direct result of Brian’s efforts. Other high achieving students in her high school who are attending similarly priced schools received less than half of the scholarships and grants that our daughter received. Thank you Brian! We are currently preparing to send our second child off to college next year and once again, Brian’s services have been of amazing value. Not only does he help with navigating the financial maze of colleges, but he also helps greatly with preparing students via test prep materials and application guidance. He also helps them with their college essays, and what parent wishes to be the critic of their child’s college essay? Certainly not us! Through the entire process with both of our kids, Brian has been able to communicate with our children as an interested third party, not as a parent and that has made our job as parents much easier. Brian isn’t just a resource for the kids, but the parents as well. With one gone, a second one preparing to leave and the third coming up in just a few years, I can’t tell you how appreciative we are as parents of the savings Brian has assisted with. Not only that, but having him to be the coach allows us to enjoy the college application and acceptance process with our children as much as anybody can enjoy the process of sending their kids out of the nest. We get to be teammates with our kids rather than the coaches and that is priceless. Thank you Brian for all that you do. Your passion for our kids is very obvious and we value you greatly!

Jason W.

The following is a letter from one of our graduates who is attending the University of Southern California on a full scholarship:

To whom it may concern:

My name is Mark Murphy, and my family and I had the pleasure of working with Your Guidance Office. My coach went far and beyond my expectations when it came to helping me. They answered every question I had, and were there every time I called. I want to give them kudos as well for answering on numerous weekends, and different times that most people would not be thinking about helping their clients.

It did not seem like they were people that I was working with, but rather it felt more like they were my friends because I knew that they actually cared about me and what I was doing. They were constantly asking me what I wanted to do and how I felt about everything, and I never felt uncomfortable about what was going on. They explained everything clearly to me, and I always felt in control and never just along for the ride.

The best thing about working with Your Guidance Office is how personal the relationship is. I would strongly suggest working with them because they want you to have the best situation possible and they are willing to work hard to help you. Working with them made me want to work harder because I recognized the passion, and wanted to make sure I kept up my end of the bargain.

I am ending my senior year of high school but will be heading to the University of Southern California in the near future, and will have no worries of money along the way. I have already thanked my coach numerous times, but I feel like I would not be doing them justice if I did not write this letter to hopefully convince more families to go through the organization as well.

Thank You,

Mark Murphy

The following is a letter given to us by one of our affiliate advisors:

Two months from when I began this journey I was able to see the true impact of what this work provides for families and students. My first senior student received an incredible $148,000 to St. Mary’s College in California. If I needed proof of the impact this service provides, well that did it. Each family I have worked with has provided me with such wonderful positive feedback regarding Brian’s (college coach) work and dedication. It is obvious that he cares and want to make a difference in the family’s lives and that is what makes this program go from being good to being great.

-John Fox

From a Senior in July

My experience with Brian Beebe has been very great thus far. He has been my college counselor for just over a year now and I believe that without the help of his program I would be no where close to having completed what I have so far; including my resume, doing community service, getting letters of recommendation, and writing my personal statement. Like my friends, I probably would not have even begun to think about what college I want to attend, let alone, have already applied to over eight. Besides applying to college, his test prep program is awesome. In just 6 weeks I raised my SAT score on the writing section (practice test in the program) from a 560 to a 650. Bringing it from a very low score to an above average score. I honestly don’t know if there is anything he could have done to help me more. Possibly, having more conference calls or changing the monthly check-ins to more often than a monthly appointment, for instance every two to three weeks. But besides that (which is really no big deal, as I am sure he wouldn’t mind if you checked in with him more often than the monthly check-in) the overall experience has been great! I would recommend that if you are stuck between wanting to have Brian as your counselor or not, you should definitely do so. The whole idea of college will soon get very overwhelming and it’s always nice to have someone, like Brian, there to make sure you’re on the right track and answer all the questions you will soon be pondering about the application process. Trust me.

Cory S.

An email received by one of our affiliates from a happily surprised parent. The student had gone from no offers, to an offer of $60,000 in free funding for college:

Hi Robert, OH MY!!!! Imagine our surprise to see this first one come through. Champlain is in Burlington Vermont. All 5 of the letters were sent last Thursday a.m. Each one was sent certified. O.K. since looking at it and all the words, loan, loan, loan, is Champlain is offering Cory, $15,000 per year in free money? Is that right? Wow, it is actually happening.

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