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Your Guidance Office offers the following core services; most students will need to utilize all three steps in order to maximize their admissions and financial aid outcome. A personal college coach will be assigned to each family upon enrollment. Additional services may be offered when appropriate. In addition to the practice tests and test prep included in Step I, on-demand video test prep courses are available for an additional fee.

College Coaching Step I

Career Exploration Tools:

Through the students online portal your children will complete a personality profile that will make recommendations of career paths to explore. The student will then have access to an extensive database of career exploration tools including thousands of engaging videos, educational requirements, salary data, job descriptions, demographics, and more!

Online College Organizer:

This online organizer is used by many college preparatory schools across the country. It is a one stop location for all your college planning documentation and resources. Students will be trained on how to use the software and how to get the most use out of it. You will have access and will be able to follow along with the student through their college planning.

ACT/SAT Test Prep Software:

This software has practice tests, lessons, quizzes, "how to approach the tests" resources designed to improve the students ACT and SAT scores. Live scoring and progress reports help the student see their own success and improvement.

College Coaching Step II

College Profile Matching:

Your child will fill out a questionnaire and be interviewed; they will need to have a general career path in mind. A researcher will then match the student’s profile to appropriate colleges. If the student does not have a general career path, then they will need to start with Step I Career Exploration Tools.

Admissions Packet Requests:

After a list of colleges is determined the researcher will notify the schools on behalf of the student to request admissions information specific to that student’s profile. This information will be sent directly to the student from the colleges in their profile.

College Coaching Step III

Admissions and Application Coaching:

The student will be taught little known techniques that will both increase their odds of acceptance to college, and significant free funding offers from the colleges they apply to, as well.

Document Review:

A review of application essays, student resume and application packet cover letter content is included upon request.

Award Letter Negotiation Coaching:

In order to maximize the financial aid offers, it is critical to know the best way to appeal any funding offers. The student will be taught how to create an admissions environment where colleges are actually competing for their attendance.

Financial Aid Consultation:

Reviewing financial aid letters on your own can be very confusing. The family will receive assistance in interpreting the financial aid letters and offers. Referrals to outside independent financial services professionals with expertise in college planning techniques will be offered when appropriate. The Your Guidance Office staff does not give financial or tax advice.

FAFSA Review:

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid is an imperative part of the process. Whether your child is a “need-based” qualified student, or even if your family income far exceeds the maximum amounts for federal aid, this form must be filed. How this form is filled out can either cost, or save you, tens-of-thousands of dollars in financial aid. We will refer you to financial professionals that analyze your financial data at no additional cost and let you know what your expected family contribution is likely to be.

College Coaching Plan Pricing:

All enrollments include any or all members of your immediate family.

Payment plans are available based on need.
For more information and to request enrollment forms, please contact us.

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